Wednesday, 26 November 2014


In all honesty, I thought coming to Memorial University English class would be my downfall, turns out I actually enjoyed classes. In high school, my English teacher never gave us many tips and he never gave us many things to do when it comes to writing, therefore it was hard to improve and I wasn't very good at writing. Coming to English 1080 I have learned how to write a proper thesis for my paper and how to word things better. My writing skills have improved greatly, just doing these blogs have helped me become a better writer. Also, I would have to say classes were interesting, the poems or short fiction always had something behind it that I couldn't figure out myself, I learned that there are many different ways to look at things.

The story from the short fiction part of the course that I liked the most would have to be "Hills Like White Elephants" by Ernest Hemingway. The reason why I liked this one the best is because I would of never thought that the meaning behind the story is actually a woman who is pregnant. When I look at stories, I take the literal meaning, I find it hard to see what's behind the whole thing. When I look back at the poem's we discussed in class the one that sticks is "The Tyger" by William Blake, so I would definitely keep those two pieces of literature in the course! The essay writing throughout the course has been interesting. Again, relating back to high school I hated writing essays, even though we never done many. But in English 1080 I liked what I was writing about, so it was easier to write and I didn't mind doing it. I also like how you would write comments or suggest what could go there to make it better, so I could improve. As of the blogging part of the course, I have to be honest I was dreading it, but it turns out I think it's a great idea. You get to practice writing skills, read what classmates has wrote about and even though some of the posts we had to do could be difficult there was always a way around it, making it fun. The only other comment I would like to make is I loved how you never pointed people out, I am terrified when speaking in front of a group of people, so I would like to say thanks for that. Even though I'm sure sometimes when class was extremely quiet you wanted too. With this being said, English 1080 has been an awesome class to be involved in for my first semester of University!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

How to...

How to make marshmallow logs. 
The ingredients you will need to make these nice looking marshmallow log includes a small bag of mini marshmallows, preferably colored, two squares of sweet chocolate, one square of bitter chocolate, an egg, coconut and one cup of icing sugar.

Step one:
Melt the chocolate. Once the chocolate is melted add the egg and icing sugar.

Step two:
Mix these ingredients together well. Let it cool. 

Step three:
Add the marshmallows to what you have just mixed together, making sure they are fully covered in the chocolate. 

Step four:
Take this mixture and roll it out in a shape of a log. Roll this "log" into coconut.

Step five:
Now wrap the roll of mixture into wax paper then put it into the fridge until its firm.

Step six:
Cut the roll into slices. 

Step seven:
Enjoy these delicious treats!

Monday, 3 November 2014


"Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn't stop for anybody." -Stephen Chbosky 

This particular quote came from 2007 award winning Stephen Chbosky. I personally like this quote because it somehow shapes how I am today from this day forward. This fall, I have been in a situation that caused the biggest change in my life, I graduated high school in June from a small town, moved away leaving everything behind. I left my family, my friends and even my teachers to try to become something successful. I wish that I could go back in time when I was living care free with all my family and friends around me, but it's just not that easy. As Chbosky said, things change, friends leave and life doesn't stop for anyone.

"Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together." -Woodrow T. Wilson

Woodrow T. Wilson was the twenty eighth president of the United States. Wilson never started to read until the age of ten, he believed to have a reading disability known as dyslexia. From my personal point of view, this quote interests me tremendously because friendship is so important. If it wasn't for your friends who would be there to stand up for you, who would be there to make you laugh when your feeling down or who would be there when you just need someone to talk to. Well some people may say my family, but for me it's my best friend. If it wasn't for my best friend I would feel lost all the time. If I needed advice I would ask her, she would be there for me no matter the situation. Whenever I needed a shoulder to cry on or even when I just needed someone to listen she would be there. 

"As you go through life, you've got to see the valleys as well as the peaks."-Neil Young

Neil Young is a Canadian singer song-writer and musician who released his first album in 1968. Young had been diagnosed with epilepsy and has supported benefit concerts for bridge school for verbal and physical disabilities. This quote caught my attention because it is very true what is being said here. Young is saying that life has its ups and its downs, which he is comparing the valleys and peaks too. You may be ready to give up, let it all go, but just remember that you have to have these moments of feeling down so that you can learn how to make good and bad decisions. Your decision effects your life which may cause you to see the valleys as well as the peaks.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Flash fiction

Analyze on "Sophie" by Bojan Ratkovic

In the story, "Sophie" by Bojan  Ratkovic  the theme  that stands out to me is to embrace who you are and don't allow people to create a new you. The protagonist Sophie, is wearing a new dress that her mother bought her. Her mom is trying to tell her that she is pretty, but Sophie doesn't understand because she is Sophie not pretty. They argue for quite awhile, but in the end her mother agrees with her, she is Sophie and not pretty.  The dress is pretty, but Sophie is Sophie. Therefore, as Sophie is trying to point out, she is who she is and she doesn't want anyone to change it. You should love who you are and no one should tell you anything different.

"Sophie"  demonstrates different symbols, the symbol that I think is most important in the story is the dress that she is wearing. The dress to me symbolizes that you don't need a pretty dress to make you feel better of who you are. As the story says, "“Yes, you are Sophie,” the mother says and nods. “And you’re pretty. You’re my pretty princess.” But the girl shakes her head. “No, mommy.” She points to the dress. “Pretty.” Then she points to herself. “Sophie.”". Sophie shows that the dress doesn't change who she is and she doesn't feel any different with the dress on. She's still Sophie.

The setting of the story takes place in Sophie's room in front of her mirror. It's also told when Sophie is a young girl and her mother is trying to recognize her as being pretty.  The point of view of "Sophie"  is first person.  Since it is first person, you can visualize this little girl telling her mommy how she is Sophie but not pretty. Overall, Sophie is trying to say everyone should love who they are and a pretty dress shouldn't change you are no matter who is around or where you are.

Here's a link the the story "Sophie" by Bojan Ratkovic:

Friday, 24 October 2014

Open letter!

Dear Luck,

Could you please get a little better? Since I have moved from Hare Bay, my luck hasn't been the best. So far I locked my keys in my car.. twice, almost got into an accident, which by the way wasn't my fault at all and failed my very first math test. If you were in that class you should all know it wasn't just one person.

Here's the story about how I locked my keys in my car for the second time. It's kind of embarrassing, but here it is. I should start off by saying I only had for hours of sleep and yes this is my excuse. As I approached my car, I noticed there was dew on the windows, normally i would reach over from the drivers side tot he passengers side rolling down the window. To get the dew ff, I didn't have much time to get to school. This particular morning I thought I was going to be "smart" about it, sitting in the passengers side, starting my car, rolling my window down and back up. This was all fine. I locked the door and got out making my way to the drivers side. When I was about to open the door i realized what I had just done. My key was in the ignition, car started and and my apartment keys on the key chain. So then was I not only locked out of my car, but my apartment too.

Since I am originally from a small town, driving in St.Johns can get a little frustrating, as well as nerve wrecking. I have had an experience that really gave me quite the scare. I was driving down the road when I noticed a car pull out in front of me trying to turn left a little ways up, they just stopped. I slowed down, as you would and they backed up, so I continued. When I got closer, the car pulled out again, this time I never even had time to lift my foot off the gas pedal, so I swerved around them. I never had time to see if anything was next to me. Thank God there wasn't. If my reflexes didn't kick in I would have slammed right into that car.

This brings me to the lovely math exam. I studied, got a tutor and had my friends help me with it. I thought I was prepared. In my high school, we only had a small math class consisting of ten students, including myself. Coming to university has been an overwhelming change, the classes are enormous, so its harder to pay attention and you also get information just thrown at you. So I get to the exam room, thinking I was going to be fine, but when i started writing I was thinking to myself, "How the hell do I do this?". I looked up at the time and I only had twenty minutes left with almost half the test left to do. When I got to the last question I heard my professor say, "time's up!". Then I thought "Uh oh, this doesn't look good". I knew then and there that I had failed, sure enough I did. The first time I failed and it felt horrible.


                                                                                                                                     Brooke A.T. Cross

Friday, 10 October 2014

Week Six: Spoof News Article!

Extra, Extra! Read All About It!!

Recent studies show that texting while driving reduces accidents!

Dr.Mcbee has recently done a research that proves if you text while driving you will reduce the chances of causing an accident. Dr.Mcbee and his colleagues really know what they are talking about. When you text while driving, you are distracted from the road. You are so concentrated on the text that you will drive on pass the moose that just ran across the road without even noticing it, you went right on through the red light and you even sped up 40 km/h over the speed limit. The statistics show that you will have a 98.97% chance of survival on your drive from point A to point B if you text. Studies also show that texting while driving is almost as safe as being impaired.  When your in your vehicle you should always keep your cellular device in reaching distance. Make sure you tell all your friends and family about this, it could save their lives. In fact, it will save them. Spread the word, wherever needed.. Facebook, Twitter, even Tumblr. Make the right decision, text and drive!